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I have 15-17 years old sagwan tree,.interested buyers Plz contact :9411463083. It is often used as a substituteto teak wood for outdoor furniture and wood constructions.9 South American Teak WoodThe real name of this type of teak wood is garapa. Sagwan Plant Price We need aid a desired maker and dealer about ideal caliber Sagwan Plant. It does not cost anything but your time to grow any tree. The small leaves break down quickly after they have fallen, and require no raking. Teakwood can survive for two thousand years. This means … guaranteed tissue culture. which takes 8 years. However, due to large market demand for teak, even the poles and small timber fetch good price. Maintenance Schedule: Before and during planting, Revolving Earth Agro A will create a uniform schedule for your plantation.We always provide training material which written information in the brouchers . and one mature tree give 15 to 25 cubic feet wood. It has wider grains, a significant quantity of teak natural oils, and sound knots. trees farming project is located in pindi bhattian. tissue culture grow faster. 1) What is the procedure of placing order for plants/saplings (tissue culture)? Year 2, they are enough to get a good broad canopy, and, therefore, from 7 to 9 years begin to reach maturity, such as young trees established strong. When can I get them after I place my order??? We have special expertise in farming cultivation of tissue culture teak (sagwan) plant,mango plant,amlaplant, jackfruit plant,lemon plant,guava plant,banana plant, poplar plant,bamboo plant,sisham,mango plant,eucalyptus plant,mahogany plant,sandalwood plant nursery, supplier,manufacturer and agro foresty project. 0 Items; 2. Sir kiya iske farming okara city ma ho sakti ha mera pass 10 sa 12 acer ha jha ma inke farming karna chata ho or yeha par kitna time lage ga harvesting ka liye or okara suitable ha ya unsuitable. us me idea ho jay ga ye local hai ya imported variety hai. Sagwan tree has annual growth rings. we do not provide after sale services or any replacement. NASS publications cover a wide range of subjects, from traditional crops, such as corn and wheat, to specialties, such as mushrooms and flowers; from calves born to hogs slaughtered; from agricultural prices to land in farms. African teak wood is very stable, durable, and water resistant. 0300 1483333, Assalam o Alycum It is possible to earn good profits with low risk.Soil Requirement for Tissue Culture Teak Sagwan Farming:It can be grown in all parts of the country except dry western zone. This can be done by calculating the height and diameter of 10 trees and dividing the total by 10. The quality of Indonesian teak wood is secondary to Burma teak wood. Kindly Aziz Nursury ki location bata dain gy ? it also grow straight and can get mature around 12 years. What about bahawalpur tissue culture is hybrid. It looks nothing like real teak wood. On call assistance, frequent visit from our technical team.HURRY UP !!!!!!!!!!!!! What is difference between tissue culture plant and root propagated plants because there is much difference of rates, Planting k leyae konsa month best hi aur plants jab available hongy. wa alaikum assalam. Prices up in Canada, too Prices … The color of Brazilian teak wood is not golden-brown but is reddish-brown.8 African Teak WoodAfrican teak wood is not real teak wood. Can We Grow It into Rahim yaar Khan? The current price of WTI crude oil as of December 08, 2020 is $45.60 per barrel. bahawalpur is a dry region it may take few years more to become mature tree ready to sale. Its timber qualities incorporate allure clinched alongside color and grain, durability, lightness, quality and simplicity from claiming attempting Furthermore carving, safety on … It is one of the best plantation teak wood all around the world because of soil and weather suitability. Historically, the Italy Government Bond 10Y reached an all time high of 14.20 in October of 1992. dear sir we have (Golden Burma Teak) variety. Asalam o Alaikum A tiny village is believed to be home to Britain’s oldest tree - a yew that first took took root more than 5,000 years ago. It is the best quality teak wood in the world that is available today. Difference between Hybrid teak (sagwan) and desi or seed grown. You read that right! collect yourslef we can not deliever. The main stem grows to a height of 25 – 30 ft. and attains a girth of 35 – 45 inches, however overall height of a teak tree is 40 – 50 ft. minimum.About 700 genetically superior teak plants can be grown in 1 ACRE by adopting a spacing of teak plants as 7 x 7 ft.Profit in 1 Tree after 10 Years in 1 ACRE Land: 1 Tree = 12 cubic ft. (On an average) 1 Cubic Ft. price in market = 3000 INR 12 Cubic = 12 * 3000 = 36,000 INR. The process includes answering any questions you have, as well as helping to take iniciative in teak and eucalyptus timber investment. mianwali weather is slightly dry in few months. 10 people inhale in a year as a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in the session. i have seen some videos about teak. On call assistance, frequent visit from our technical team. I am interested to know the plant pricing in islamabad and Sargodha, tissue culture teak. What is the surety it can b saleable after 10 years. Best time for teak plantation is Feb, March, April. Sir kia ye jhang k ilaqa mne plant kia ja skta hi. There were no trees, Similarly as we do, if we might not, We should be reasonable. 2) Hybrid teak or sagwan grow faster than desi or seed grown. 4) How much will be delivery cost to Fateh Jang (Jhang Bhatar) say for 250 saplings? Harvesting : Tissue culture raised plants which, are able to be harvested quicker (15 to 20 years) with the acceptable wood quality at national and international markets. Gallagher's Pumpkins and Christmas Trees plan to stay open on Wednesday, December 9. TISSUE CULTURE TEAK PLANTATION PLANT NURSERY SEED SUPPLIER TREE FARMING. Hence, there is no supply of Thailand teak wood in the international market.7 Brazilian Teak WoodThe real name of Brazilian teak wood is cumaru. All Information: Sagwan Plant will be a standout amongst those mossycup oak esteemed timbers of the globe. From the first call to the harvesting of mature trees, the team at Revolving Earth Agro  works with our customers to ensure that all questions are answered, and all needs are met. They include the consultation for fence maintenance, the clearing of undergrowth, trimming of plants and more.5. The Christmas tree that a customer cuts this year took the farm around seven to 10 years to grow. Periodic Cullings: The coordinated cutback of lesser trees then occurs at the following intervals: 3 –  5 years, 5-7 years. Aslamu alikum my whatsapp number is 0300 1483333. sami ullah. price is 500. 1000 rup price. Teak ( Tectona grandis) is a tropical tree species in family Lamiaceae. اور ساگوان کی یہی قسم ان کے پاس ہے جو بھارت سے منگوائی گئی ہے. and 0.5-2.3 m. in height respectively. I own Agri land on Chanab river rt bank in Phalia, should the climate and land be suitable for teak wood trees. I am interested in plantation of sagwaan tree in Faisalabad Area. It is a Brazilian hardwood native to South America. Fruit Trees. If the market doesn’t suit your taste, you can hold on to the plantation as long as you like.We consider buy back policy of Teak Tissue culture (sagwan)  and Eucalyptus wood from Mumbai  Court .The best of  (Revolving Earth Agro is the service after sale. It fails to grow in the soil with pH below 6.5. send me message on whatspp 0300 1483333. It is cultivated on large scale in Burma, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, African and Caribbean. It grows as a huge tree and yields excellent quality wood. Teak is a highly positive tree species which needs adequate sunlight during every stage of its growth, or a light demanding tree species. Ft wood in about 10 years. but in these areas teak growth will slower as compared to coastal areas. Sagwan Plant Price We need aid a desired maker and dealer about ideal caliber Sagwan Plant. september october. Our office is in pattoki. Teak is also known as Sagwan in Pakistan and India. it may take 10 years 12 years or 15 years. Like Burma teak wood, it is also real teak wood, native to Indonesia. contact me on my whatsapp number. Saplings planted in August, September, October needs to cover only one time with transparent polythene sheet in first winter to protect from cold weather. Newer varieties, such as the Shademaster and Sunburst locust, are thornless and fast growing, making them popular for landscaping projects. Good & Safe Investment and Big Return in 7-9 Years .At just six months teak trees are already approximately 10 feet high. You can collect 40 kilograms of shelled walnuts every year from a mature and well-maintained Chandler walnut tree. It is very stable and durable. Gaharu, agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood, jinkoh, chen xiang, oud, aquilaria are names for the world’s most valuable wood, is known for its fragrant resinous wood that is distilled into Oudh oil used for expensive perfume production. It is very hard, stable, water resistant, and durable. yes Kohat me lag sakta hai. tissue culture 3 to 4 feet. It is similar to African teak wood inquality, color, teak natural oil content, and arrangement of wood grains. On poor gravely sites, replace the pit soil by good soil with good organic matter. Apply 100gm of fertilizer in pit at the time of planting and thereafter in split closes or as per the fertility status of soil. Best planting season for teak wood farming is monsoon, preferably after the first shower. Carry out soil working periodically for better growth of plants. AOA, Can we grow these plants in pithoro (Umerkot) districts…and please let me know where is your nursery? hybrid will ready for sale in 10 years if planted in coastal areas(sindh). feb march. 0300-1483333. Bottom Line: The legacy has begun. ... تیار کر لی جو محض 10 سال میں ہی جوان ہو جاتی ہے. After 10 years, yield no longer increases and remains at the same level. Consultation: Over the phone, via e-mail or in person, we get to know the clients and discover their need for investment in forestry. 12 to 14 years. Which areas are suitable for teak farming? root propagated, imported 500 rup, I need hybrid plant of Burma teak 420 plant to cultivate in bahwalpur, Let me know time of availability and price, As well as also please confirm are you from seed or how, Wa alaikum assalam. It is light brown in color with a slightly grayish hue.3 African Plantation Teak Wood African plantation teak wood refers to the teak planted in Africa.Its growth time is 15 to 25 years, as a result of which it is low in teak natural oils. 500 rup is root propagated. It takes roughly 10-15 years to produce reasonably good quality timber. if it get 8 to 10 feet height in 1 year then you can plant. Let’s Get Registered with R.E.A to Earn the Best from Your Land. 1000 rup The main stem grows to a height of 25-30 ft. and attains a girth of 35-45 inches. It has a golden color, elegantly distributed grains, and a high amount of teak natural oils. Thus, African plantation teak wood is not as durable as Burma teak wood or Indonesian teak wood. Then, it’s time to plant the trees. The following is a brief run-down of the investment process.1. Once the plantation area is leased out the cleaning of the site, burning staking and planting are done by the lease holders.The common intercrops are paddy, chilies, maize, wheat sesame & various vegetables together. wa alaikum assalam according to an estimate seed grown or desi teak may take 10 to 25 years to become a full mature tree. What will be the cost of plant.please give me the delivery time. Profit in 1 Tree after 10 Years in 1 ACRE Land: 1 Tree = 12 cubic ft. (On an average) 1 Cubic Ft. price in market = 3000 INR 12 Cubic = 12 * 3000 = 36,000 INR. For 700 Trees = 700 x 36,000 = 25,200,000 (2 Crores & 52 Lakhs)Marketing of Teak Wood:It’s easy to market, there are many buyback programs as well as local timber depots.Bottom Line:Teak farming is highly profitable farming due to its demand in the current domestic and international market. Hi Assalam o Alaikum I am from nankana sahib can this tree survive in nankana sahib punjab………, Aoa mein muzafar garh ki tehsil kot adu mein rehta hon kia yahan ki zameen raitalee hai kia yahan lagay ja suktay hain, g lagaye ja sktay hain. Get contact details and address | ID: 20729001033 Mark the areas for pit digging by alignment and staking. Use pre sprouted stumps or poly pots for planting. Dig pits of 45cm x 45cm, 45cm sizes. Thank you. Teak grew fast during the first 5 years with the mean annual increments of 0.5-2.5 cm./DBH. 2) Hybrid teak or sagwan grow faster than desi or seed grown. 1000 rup. after 3 years 1 month. Its scientific name is Tectona grandis. waiting for you reply, 10 individuals take in a quite a while as An full created verdant tree produces Likewise a great deal oxygen in the session Read More.. The arrangement of grains is very differentfrom that of real teak wood. Features: Developed utilizing tissue society engineering. Replies. Once the client is satisfied a registration amount is paid by the client to the company’s account so that the client is called up to be registered client and there after process for plantation starts.2. Sir I reside in Karachi. we will inform you when we start booking or start selling. The prices shown are in U.S. dollars. wa alaikum assalam. It is high in natural oils which make it water resistant and resistant to worms and pests. assalam o alaikum agar har row mein 12 foot ka fasala ho tu kiya inky darmayan green house laga kar tomato farming kar sakty. Tissue culture propagated plants are disease free plants that are resistant to diseases and environment. It is deciduous tall tree upto 40 m tall with grey to greyish brown branches. Ok sir. 0300*******, Salaam sir Do you grow your own hybrid Burma plants or you import these. guidance dete rahe 1 Kia sagwan multan ma bhi kasht Kia ja sakta hy Raise this figure to the N power, where N is the number of years in the future for which you want to calculate the stock price.In the example, if you wanted to know the stock price two years from now, you would square 1.0875 to get 1.1827. A good and safe investment, and only six months, 7-9 years, a great return on teak trees already high about 10 feet. It can also be raised along with agricultural crops at a spacing of 4m x 4m or … Mr Price said he had acted to protect locals in nearby Hamlet whose homes were flooded last year By Amelia Wynne and Nick Enoch for MailOnline Published: 10:12 … after booking you can pick from our setup in pindi bhattian . september october. Planting Methods : Teak can be planted at 2.5m x 3 m or 3m x 3m espacement. 0336 6071174, Bahi Yield : At the best we may expect a tree to produce a maximum of 238 cubic meter of timber from 350 trees in 15 years under best conditions of intensive management. Can I grow it in Mianwali? Sagwan plants for sale in India and also out of India by Trusted Sellers with quality assurance. in subtropical areas like punjab Baluchistan kpk. But 10 years after the disaster, oceanographers and environmental activists say that any lessons learned have since been tossed aside — and that the same risks remain as before the spill. It takes 10 years to become a full mature tree that is ready to sale . Just go ahead and plant those 10 … It grows quickly in the right conditions and puts on nearly one inch of growth in diameter in four to five years. I am interested Please send me Number for more details Bhai Tissiue culture Burma teak plant please send me your price. Dhauranjo or Indian Elm is a large deciduous tree, growing up to 18 m tall. Hybrid tissue culture (sagwan) “Golden Burma teak”, or ”Red burma Teak”  plants for sale in Pakistan. Simple is that growth of sagwan is very faster if planted near canals , rivers or lakes or near Sea. It is golden-brown in color with wavy wood grains. They are also a popular instant shade tree, growing to a mature height of about 25 to 30 feet in just six years. can provide assistance remotely. Required fields are marked *, Share on facebook. Assalam-O-Alikum IMHO, after 30 years, you can expect between 25-50 cubic feet from a tree. Agarwood is also highly treasured for … karachi is ideal for teak plantation. To prepare these products, our vendors use quality tested inputs. Because of the high demand of this teak wood in India, there is almost no supply of Indian teak wood in the international market. Multiply this by the current stock price to calculate its future expected price for that year. As we have franchisee in different states , services are unlimited . The current price of WTI crude oil as of December 08, 2020 is $45.60 per barrel. Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. It is most valuable and high price timber crop of India. The best quality teak growing areas in India are in the central parts of the country. or in trees forest mein chicken farming kar sakty openly khola chor kar murgi nukshan tu ni kary gi tree ko Outside my house in a plant bed (kyari). 8 to 10 feet growth per year. Some trees, such as the empress tree, experience rapid growth, with 10 feet a year or more, while others, like southern magnolias, grow slowly, barely growing one foot annually. Salaam Brother. seeds not available, Aoa bhai, i need sagwan trees pls tell the final price and if you have different sizes tell their price to. It is very light brown in color. mai mardan kpk mai The report of soil test is delivered to the client within 4 to 6 working days by e- mail, post or by hand accordingly.3. It should be planted in sandy loam soil (i.e mera zameen) and a costal or Tropical area climate that humid and hot. Illness spare. yes. Soil phi a another factor limiting the distribution and stand development of the species. Teak Plantation-A Potential Source of Income Generation, Tissue Culture Teak Sagwan (Tectona grandis). Our Gaharu seedlings are planted on 54 acres of land in Kuala Kangsar, Perak in Malaysia since year 2010. Reply Delete. yes can be planted there but growth will slower as compared to coastal area. we can relieved if you buy bulk quantity.few plants cannot be delivered. The grains are arranged in a straight pattern and it has no knots. i want to purchase tissue culture plants of burma teak but i want to know multan area is suitable or not. Find here Teak Wood, Teak Timber manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. agar pani mojood hai to is zameen b lg skta hai. Site Preparation and Planting: Once the order is placed, Revolving Earth Agro professionals advise the client to prepare the land for optimal tissue culture teak(sagwan) or euclaptus polar or mahogany planting as according to the order placed by the client. AoA Bhai I want to grow Sagwan in 1 Acar, Sargodha.So plz share your location with us! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. yes sir in Faisalabad area you can plant it. TISSUE CULTURE TEAK PLANTATION  SAGWAN FARMING PLANTS AND SEED SUPPLIER. Shri Krishna Vermi Bed & Biotech - Offering Shri Krishna Teak Sagwan Plant at Rs 75/piece in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This might not come as a surprise but I have seen this tree planted very often in locations that were not well suited, as this species is a vigorous grower and can reach a height of 10 m (30 ft) after 10 years, and reaches a height of 30 m (100 ft) to 40 m (130 ft) after 50 years. Sagwan Plant Care Apply 100 g of organic fertiliser in pit at the time of plantingand thereafter in split doses or as per the fertility status of soil. It has goodresistance to rotting and damage. 1. Two doses of fertilizer (in the month of August & September) at 50 gm per plant of NPK (15:15:15) may be provided every year up to three years. Tissue  Culture Teak Sagwan starts yielding its quality wood at the age of 10 years.Tissue Culture Teak Sagwan wood known as King of timber belongs to the family Verbenanceae & locally known as Sagwan. please contact me at 0300 1483333. Through inoculation process, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin, called aloes or agar (as well as gaharu, jinko, oud, or oodh). 1000 rup Global Almond Market 2019 – After Five Years of Robust Growth of In-Shell Nut Imports, India Emerges as the Most Promising Market. Your email address will not be published. Will Teak grown in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. plant to plant distance 10 feet by 10 feet=400 plants. Normally they grow in on commercial scale. Sir phir mature tree kon purchase krta hy. Visit krna chahta hun face to face. february march april. agr lag sakta hai to kia layyah the best hai plant k liye ya thora un suitable? Send the report to local forestry department with the explanation why thinning / harvesting operation needs to be done..Yield & Income:Each teak tree yields 10 to 15 cu. also the benefit of hybrid sagwan is that it will ready for sale in almost one decade only. plant to plant distance 9 feet by 10 feet= 420 plants .you can left 3 feet free space on all sides. For this 45 x 45 x 45 cm sizes pit should be filled with the mixture of FYM, Fertilizers and soil. Its actual name isiroko. The trees need time to grow, and these growth rates are some of the fastest for any tree in the world, in fact, Paulownia is amongst the ten fastest growing tree species in the world. guidence dete rahen gay. Teak can also be planted in lower Punjab and intermediate where the temperature is high and do not go down from 2 degree centigrade in winter. What is the growth rate of these plants For the past several years, tree prices have risen about 2% to 3% a year, he says. plants will be ready for sale in September inshAllah. han laikin wahan pani ki sahulet bhi mojood hai(tubewell ka). Great and Safe Investment and Big Return in 12 to 14 Years At only six months sagwan trees are now around 10 feet high. better to plant in coastal areas. if meetha paani is not available, can we use Tube well water. One working in the 1st year and two workings in 2nd and 3rd year may be adequate. Firm up the soil after planting and apply irrigation / water supply wherever necessary. Debudding in the initial years may be done to improve the quality of timber.Irrigation in Teak Farming: Irrigation during stress periods boosts the growth of the plants. What would be the time frame for cultured plant to be full grown and ready for sale in Rawalpindi division. Waheed Khan This will give you the average height and diameter of one tree growing in the woodlot. agarwood available nahi. He had raised more than a million teak plants in Kerala during1842 – 1862 (Parameswarappa, 1995)Planting Method: Select healthy planting stocks planted at 2m x 2m, 2.5m x 2.5m or 3m x 3m plant to plant distance. It can last as long as 70 years, even after exposure toextreme weather conditions.o It is used to make railings of decks.o It is used for making decorative items for indoors.o It is used for flooring.o It is used for shelving.o It makes great cutting boards and counter-tops.o It is extensively used to make doors and windows.o It is used in all types of furniture like chairs, bed, sofa, doors,windows, table etc.o Teak wood is termite proof. Although the range of soil ph in teak forest is wide (5.0 – 8.0), the optimum ph range for better growth and quality is between 6.5 – 7.5 Mr. Chatu Menon of Malabar (Kerala) is known as the father of teak plantation in India. Its scientific name is Tectona grandis. tissue culture teak, 3 to 4 feet. These actions are then performed when necessary. Photo 9 shows plants 1 year and 5 months old with average gbh 21 cm and the uniformity is almost perfect; Photo 10 shows 3.6 years old tissue cultured teak of average 39 cm gbh; Photo 11 shows 5 year old trees and Photo 12 is 9 years old. Intercropping in teak plantation during the initial 3 years of planting is a common practice where there is a demand for cultivatable land. Interactive chart showing the daily closing price for West Texas Intermediate (NYMEX) Crude Oil over the last 10 years. and which month is more suitable to plant this tree in karachi…. In general, the export price indicated remarkable growth from 2007 to 2018: its price increased at an average annual rate of +4.4% over the last eleven year period. USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Information. Sagwan Tree We recognize this and the earth and the furnished power, the trees would huge will existence. The 5 and 9 years old trees are of limited number and are in natural environment. . Mostly it prefers a deep, fertile, well-drained deep alluvial soil. plant to plant distance 9 feet by 9 feet= 500 plants . Since the perfect Christmas tree takes about 10 years to grow, the market is still feeling the results now, said Doug Drysdale, a Christmas tree farmer. multan climate is dry and thi tree is happy in moist climate. it can also planted in August, September, October. o Teak wood is used in marine woodwork because of itsexceptional weather-ability. Read about company. Sheesham, known for its costly and durable wood, dies at the most productive age of 20 years due to fungus named as Fuserium Solenoid. Usually, the tree … + 966 50 41***68 also same fro WhatsApp If yes, how often and at what cost? I am not sure what you are asking. for sub tropical. feb march april. Find here details of companies selling Mahogany Plants, for your purchase requirements. A 52-year-old West Village woman lamented her … First thinning in 7th / 8th year and second thinning in 13th / 14th year may provide good number of poles and small timber to pay back the bank loan. This can be done by calculating the height and diameter of 10 trees and dividing the total by 10.

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